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Jen Merritt-Marshall of Hampton, NB, founder of Jen Merritt- Live Life Happy is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, D-Codes Energy Healing Level 1 Practitioner, Fitness Instructor, Drug & Alcohol Recovery Fitness Specialist and Holistic Wellness Coach.

Jen offers personal 1-1 coaching/healing sessions in-person and online, teaches fitness classes, teaches Reiki Certification, and hosts numerous women’s wellness circles and workshops that merge physical and spiritual health. She is best known however, for her handmade essential oil blends. Jen creates roller blends and sprays, for a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical health needs.

She is currently working on developing signature corporate programs for staff wellness days and is also co-creating a wellness retreat that is scheduled to launch within the year.

Whether it be teaching Reiki, various fitness or yoga classes, participating in online talks on social media or offering monthly women’s circles, Jen shines in her ability to pass along some of her knowledge and connect with like-minded souls. It is in these arenas she feels truly aligned with her purpose. Here she can embody all the best parts of spiritual and physical wellness- self-confidence, sense of empowerment, balancing of gentleness and strength, connection to self, and the joy of embracing one’s magic.

You can find Jen connecting with the community and selling her handmade essential oil blends and products at almost any wellness, psychic, or health related fair in Southern New Brunswick. It will only take one meeting to feel her grounded and calming energy. She is light and bright but her roots are unmistakably deep. She is the perfect mix of feminine gentleness and steady resilience allowing you to feel seen, supported, and safe in her presence.

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I was always intrigued when Jen spoke about her reiki, but I thought it probably wasn’t for me. After a few months, she finally talked me into coming. Like most, I was nervous as to what it would be like and how I would feel after my first session. It’s hard to sum it up in a few words, but I left feeling light, refreshed, and at peace. Jen’s reiki session felt like a relaxing meditation that was also very cleansing. It’s amazing for my mental health too. I’ve already had another session with Jen, and I look forward to many more!

Reiki Level 1 Training

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night


Lisa D

I felt safe confiding in her during our one-on-one time, I got to know her as well and she is a very wise woman. I value her advice and direction. Being a business owner can be overwhelming at times and it’s refreshing to know this service is available for people who need someone to talk to, help guide, and provide some wisdom. 

Lisa W

Jen is a gentle, kind and talented lady who has taught me about fitness, plants & their beneficial properties, oils & how they can ease some of my muscular pain and so, it was a natural progression for me to have her perform Reiki on me. Feeling at ease and grounded as I entered her beautiful home filled with plants and calming atmosphere, I spent the next hour completely falling away from all the stresses of everyday life. I believe that Reiki may have a slightly different effect on each of us, but undoubtedly with Jen, I came away with a wonderful feeling of lightness; a feeling of release from the pressures of the world and an overall feeling of joy and peace that I could feel emanating from the inside out.