The Foundations for Healthy Habits

I've seen so many people, including myself, make the mistake of thinking it's too hard to make lifestyle changes and that it's much easier to follow societal and social norms than it is to have a healthy body. To me, that is heartbreaking - to continue to allow your health to deteriorate and do nothing about it, and to  continually deprive your body of the vitality it requires.
I've put together an easy to follow, self-paced workshop that would help you to gain clarity on the benefits of creating healthy foundational habits so you can take on your big goals! 

The Foundations for Healthy Healthy Habits Workshop

You are one click away from prioritizing becoming your BEST SELF - with reduced stress & overwhelm, more time & direction and achieving your goals. 

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Women's Wellness Circles

Held in person in Hampton, New Brunswick, a welcoming monthly circle focused on Holistic Wellness where women can share, experience and support. 

<<Online options coming soon!>>

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Join the 5 Day Grounding Experience

April 29th to May 3rd, 2024

Join me for a FREE inspirational event of grounding and balancing our emotions, reducing stress and improving sleep. 

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Elemental Forces Oracle Card Readings

The Elemental Oracle cards are a powerful tool I've used many times in my coaching sessions and workshops. They have an uncanny way of guiding the session, opening new discussions and discovering blocks. 

Their guidance connects you to the elemental wisdom of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. By connecting to this wisdom you'll come into more ease, alignment and flow!

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Energy Alignment Sessions

Energy is everywhere in everything. Energy defies time and space. Treating all levels and layers of the body - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. 

I see most of my clients when they are feeling off, low energy or overwhelmed. 

During my sessions I may use a variety of tools including holistic wellness coaching, Reiki, sound therapy, meditation/visualization, therapeutic touch, quantum energy healing, oracle cards and intuition. Each session is tailored to my clients needs, and every session is different. 

Sessions are available in-person and online. 

Jo-Anne T.

I had the opportunity to receive a (free) reading. This reading was way more than I expected. It confirmed on many levels that I am on the right path, aligning for my highest good, and universe approves and has my back. Filled me with awe and gratefulness. @Jen Merritt - Live Life Happy was able to formulate a sentence (instruction) that was meaningful to me, which included all cards that I received. Highly recommended

Anneke B.

Jen Merritt has helped me greatly in my healing journey. I reached out to Jenn to try a couple of Reiki sessions as I felt mentally healed but still felt some physical stress stuck in my body. I went into it with neutral thoughts but I was amazed to actually feel energy moving and at one point although I felt completely calm and content I suddenly felt some sadness energy surfacing in my face and felt a release. Jen is also highly intuitively talented as she was able to zero in even over the phone or video chat what energy blockage I had been experiencing at that time even without divulging hardly any information. I highly recommend consulting Jen for assistance with your healing journey or for tackling difficult decisions.

Amanda G.M.

If you haven’t tried out an elemental card reading with Jen yet, I highly recommend it! I was feeling stuck and stagnant and her reading really can through with some clarity around what I was going through and not long after our session new doors opened and information with how to move forward started to come in as if by magic. Jen is great at coaching you through what comes up for you and bringing in insights that you haven’t thought of. The whole time I felt supported, held, and honestly a bit shocked as she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking.